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Comprehensive range of Inspection services
Consumer Products Inspection
Pre-shipment inspection services are designed to protect the interests of buyers in their international purchasing programmes.
The intervention is an essential part of an international transaction where documented proof of quality and quantity are a requirement of the payment terms.

Our Services Include:

  • Factory audit
  • Social compliance audit
  • Pre-production inspection
  • During production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Loading supervision
  • Testing

Factory audit:
This service allows you to accurately assess the capabilities of a manufacturer before placing an order to ensure that you will choose the right supplier.

Social compliance audit:
Evaluate the conduct of factories in relation to the protection of human rights and working conditions of workers.

Pre-production inspection:
At the beginning of production, we inspect the product quality of all the production materials, parts, mode of production, etc to ensure that the products will meet the quality requirements.
Pre-production inspections are important to prevent quality problems, improve product quality and help ensure that the customer will receive high-quality products ahead of scheduled delivery time.

During production inspection:
Inspections will be conducted when 30% of products are finished for the sake of earlier detection of problems and avoiding further production of a large number of noncompliant products. We will punctually feed back to our client effective improvement actions. At this stage, we will detect problems and propose improvement actions early and predict the production efficiency and completion time of the client.

Pre-shipment inspection:
When all or 80% of the products are packaged, our inspectors will take product samples strictly in accordance with the statistical sampling standard ANSI/ASQC2 1.4C MIL.STD-105E to inspect the packaging, quantity and quality of products.
Through detailed inspection of product appearances and functions along with relevant tests, we confirm whether the products conform to customer requirements and are consistent with the samples. At this stage, we make overall audits on the whole batch of goods to ensure their quality and prevent noncompliant products being delivered to the client. In addition, we will punctually inform the client to arrange delivery time or of treatment methods.

Loading supervision:
Our inspectors will be present at the loading site to inspect intactness of containers, compliance of packaged goods, quantity, labels and packaging materials with the order requirements, compliance of loading operations with specifications, damage of products, adequate quantity, etc. to ensure that the shipment conforms to customer requirements. We also take pictures of the loading site as evidence.

Our inspectors regularly inspect many types of product, including:

  • Electrical & Electronic products,
  • Crafts and gifts;
  • Building materials
  • Hardware;
  • Furniture and furnishings;
  • Home appliances;
  • Lights & lightings;
  • Luggage, bags & cases;
  • Office supplies;
  • Shoes & Accessories;
  • Textiles & leather products;
  • Tools, etc.

And many more types of product – contact us to discuss your requirements.
Note: We don't inspect chemical products, agricultural products and medical products.